Hunter enjoys interacting with her friends/fans. So she has created a site that allows YOU, her friends, to get first-hand, real time updates from the REAL Hunter.

ONLY here, and on her forum, will you find photos that are not only personal, but exclusive to her two sites. Hunter will post personal messages/notes that will let you know what she's been up to ~ or just say Hi! She personally reads all your messages, and often directly responds. Come and join our forum!

Thanks everyone for all the awesome wishes and happy greetings!! You make me so happy and grateful to have such caring and amazing friends!! XOXO! Hunter

"Dear Friends, I am so touched by your valiant enthusiasm" and send you my love and deep, deep appreciation. XO, Hunter"

Exclusive Announcement Coming Soon

BIG News that will make you SMILE and CHEER

Stay Tuned......

YES Hunter has Officially changed her name!!!!

B&B Live Stage Show in the Netherlands

Join Hunter and five other iconic stars from B&B

Four shows are currently scheduled: an evening show on Friday, October 3rd, and three shows on Saturday, October 4th, 2014.

Official tickets are € 38,50 (about $52.00 including VAT and excluding service charges and transaction costs). B&B Live tickets are only available through the official ticket retailers:

RTLTickets.nl and Seetickets.nl

Read Hunter's Response to Fans Questions

From her Q & A on her Fan Facebook Page

Held May 19 - 25, 2014

Chosen Child Donation


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